Race for Life 2014

“Be a Buddy, Help Somebuddy!”

Thank you for joining us last NOVEMBER 29 as we ran, jogged, walked, carried, rode or trotted with our buddies for our annual fun run at Roxas Boulevard! Together, you helped provide an education and a better future for a Real LIFE scholar!

Selfies! Groupfies! Runfies! Thousands of photos can be found at the Real LIFE Facebook Page.

You may also check out last year’s race or watch last year’s highlights on Youtube.

Race Results

Congratulations to this year’s winners and to everyone who made it to the finish line!

3k Buddy

Official Results

5k Solo

Official Results

10k Solo

Official Results

3k Buddy Winners

Male Buddy:
Michael Icao
Roen dela Torre
(9:42 TRT)

Female Buddy:
Mayciel Tabayan
Maria Teresa Badoja
(17:10 TRT)

Mixed Buddy:
Arsenio Umiga
Bella Santa Ana
(11:44 TRT)

5k Solo Winners

Male Runners
1st: Albert Valencia (17:02 TRT)
2nd: Greg Osorio (17:03 TRT)
3rd: Gerald Ambayec (17:52 TRT)

Female Runners
1st: Mheri Faith Golosinda (23:08 TRT)
2nd: Zahra Maxwell (25:46 TRT)
3rd: Christine Endaya (29:03 TRT)

Male Scholar (Buddy) Runners
Rocky Cariaga
Oliver Agripa
(40:35 TRT)

Female Scholar (Buddy) Runners
Jochel Macarubbo
Jelly Bariente
(50:02 TRT)

10k Solo Winners

Male Runners
1st: Jackson Chirchir (34:56 TRT)
2nd: Carlito Fantilaga (37:04 TRT)
3rd: Raul Anguluan (41:56 TRT)

Female Runners
1st: Janett Lumidao (46:28 TRT)
2nd: Tesalonica Bonachita (53:34 TRT)
3rd: Jheye Nasol (58:45 TRT)

Race Details

Fees + Prizes

Every runner who registers gets a free Race For LIFE 2014 shirt and the chance to win some prizes. But the biggest prize of all is that you get the chance to help send a poor and underprivileged young person to school.


3k Buddy

PHP 700 per team

5k Solo

PHP 600 per runner

10k Solo

PHP 1000 per runner

3k Buddy Prizes

Trophy + FDI Gift Pack
Nike GC worth P6,000
(Male / Female / Mixed categories)

5k Solo Prizes

Trophy + FDI Gift Pack
1st: Nike GC worth P5,000
2nd: Crocs GC worth P4,000
3rd: Crocs GC worth P3,000
(Male / Female categories)

10k Solo Prizes

Trophy + FDI Gift Pack
1st: Nike GC worth P8,000
2nd: Crocs GC worth P6,000
3rd: Crocs GC worth P4,000
(Male / Female categories)

Frequently Asked Questions

What time and where’s the race assembly?

Race assembly is at 5 AM, in front of PICC Main Entrance (CCP Complex).

Can I still join the race if I lose or forget to bring my race bib?

No, you will not be allowed inside the assembly area unless you are wearing an official Race for LIFE bib. If you lose or forget your bib you will have to buy a new race kit but we cannot guarantee availability of race kits on the race day so GUARD IT WITH YOUR LIFE! :)

Is there a place where I can change into my race attire?

No, please come dressed in your Race for LIFE shirt or any other suitable running attire.

If I register for a buddy run and my partner fails to show up on race day, can I still join the buddy run?

Yes! You may still join the Buddy Run but you will be ineligible for prizes. Official Buddy Run results will only be given to buddies who start AND finish the race together…so DON’T LEAVE YOUR BUDDY BEHIND!!!

Will there be an awarding ceremony after the race?

Yes, and you don’t want to miss it! So please join our awarding ceremony where we will have fabulous food samplers and giveaways.

Will there be parking available?

Yes, there is ample parking in the CCP Complex with paid parking available in adjacent parking lots..


Download the route maps for 3K, 5K or 10K route!


Special thanks to all of our Sponsors!


About Real LIFE

Real LIFE is passionate about providing a better future for underprivileged Filipinos by giving them access to a good education and transforming their communities through community service. Click here to learn more about Real LIFE.